Realtime Large Digital Asset Movement

Quick Start

TLDR: Check out the full this demo dashboard showcasing these features!

The blockchain has a constant stream of value flowing through it. If you follow news on digital assets you'll notice every once in a while there will be an article discussing a large "whale" transaction that took place. These transactions often have significant effects on the market value of that asset and even other digital assets. In this example we will watch watch for these "whale" transactions and respond to them appropriately.

In this guide we will look at how to watch for large transactions, pending transactions, and token transfers.


To setup up monitoring for these large transactions we'll first want to choose a blockchain. You can find a list of supported blockchains here. Then we'll want to determine a threshold value. You can do some research to find a value that suits your use case. Finally, we'll listen for new transactions and emit a signal when a transactions value crosses our predetermined threshold.

Pending Transactions

There are also transactions that have yet to be included into the blockchain. These "pending" transactions while they are not yet confirmed could be used to forecast their potential effects on the market value if they were to get included in future blocks. This implementation is very similar to watching for transactions where we want to watch for pending transaction values about a certain threshold.

Try out the example on runkit!

Token Transfers

Similarly, we can apply the same logic to token transfers. The value of tradable tokens can also be impacted by large token transfers. It can cause swings in market value just as we see with transactions. Below we outline an approach to watching for and responding to these big transfers via our API.

Try out the example on runkit!